Spending Sundays brunching has never been my thing. I like to eat breakfast first thing in the morning. And, when lunchtime rolls around I enjoy sitting down to a substantial meal – minus the champagne mimosa’s. Boulette’s Larder at San Francisco’s Ferry Building has changed all of that for me. Thankfully there are no mimosa’s or Bloody Mary’s on the menu. When the weather is great – sitting outside with the view of the bay can be the perfect start any Sunday. When its a bit cool – I prefer to sit at the over-sized communal table indoors. There always seems to be someone seated with some sort of “six degrees of separation” friend at one end or the other. And, the romantic floral arrangements on the table are always somehow perfectly in bloom.

Today my friend and I shared two simple plates cooked with local ingredients. She had scrambled eggs with truffle butter and fresh asparagus. The eggs were so soft and buttery. I had the chopped chicken liver salad – which was served with some delicious red beets and a perfectly cooked soft-boiled. Both plates were so satisfying. The meal was complimented by the loving attention of the owners Laurie, Amaryll and staff. They make you feel like you could spend the entire day sitting at their table.

There are other great reasons to stop into Boulette’s Larder besides brunch, lunch or a special private dinner. There is an amazing array of dry pantry items and there is a case packed with deliciously¬† prepared local food, ready for you to take-away, which makes planning dinner for your busy city life super easy.

The lovely man Cole to your left was our host! The perfect smile to greet us.