My little brother and his partner have a small flock of chickens at their Russian River home. And, every Monday morning I get a visit and a delivery of farm fresh eggs. So fresh in fact that he hasn’t had time to clean the chicken poop off of them. I’m told its better to not wash them in water as it removes the “bloom” which is a natural antibacterial protective covering the hens deposit on the egg as they are laying it. But, instead to lightly wipe them off with a soft dry cloth. I love hearing him talk about the happy and  carefree lives these chickens lead. The really do spend their days eating bugs and worms and roaming the property! These eggs would be stamped with all the labels of the perfect egg you’d pay good money for at your grocery store – organic, cage-free, humanely-raised,  free-range and yes – they all still have their beaks!

They have three types of chickens producing right now. The Welsummer which produces large dark brown eggs. The Araucana – laying the beautiful blue egg. And, finally the Leghorn and Lakenvelder chickens which produce plenty of white eggs weekly. They named a chicken after me – but she never did lay a single egg.

I always look forward to this delivery from my egg man. And when these eggs arrive I’m excited to create something that is going to showcase their freshness. Tonight I’m having guests over for dinner and these will definitely be on the menu.

There are plans for more chickens this summer and the possibility of selling the eggs to local businesses. So, keep your eye’s open for the label – Juanita’s Egg Man.