I love Jamie Oliver AKA The Naked Chef – who is working hard to make America eat better. And, there are a lot of things I love about his 2nd season show titled ” Food Revolution”. I love the passion and energy he has to try and get America to eat better. America is terribly obese. Two years ago I went to Disneyland for the day with some friends. Disneyland is such a melting pot of our country. Everyone comes to this imaginary land young and old. And, it was terrible obvious how overweight this country is. There were entire parents that couldn’t get on rides with their children. Instead they spent there time at the food stands. Not one of which was serving anything healthy. The bulk of food at Disneyland is pre-made, pre-packaged or deep fried. One child was holding a sugary sweet super-sized soda with both of his little hands – it was almost the length of his arm. Jazzy’s and wheelchairs zipped around the overweight elders throughout the park. So I want America to believe in Jamie Oliver. I kinda believe in Jamie Oliver. But, in watching “Food Revolution” this past week I started to notice how out of shape, pudgy and plain old unhealthy he looks. I hope he finds time to create a healthier diet for himself. It would make be believe in him even more. And, I want to see the old Naked Chef again.