Guest writer and friend Nilda Brooklyn shares her view of dining out in Seattle with me. Nilda is a true Seattleite and an amazing city hostess and chauffeur. On my last visit we talked at great lengths about food, food trucks, and kaftans over a well rounded selection of restaurants.

Nilda Brooklyn at Booty Call Wednesdays

Juanita MORE! has been a mentor and friend of mine for the last six years and I love when she comes to Seattle.  Her visits give me a reason to dress up and dance my ass off and most of all to eat eat eat. Juanita is a real foodie, not in a snobby way, but in a soul-satisfying “I know how to cook and eat” kind of way.  I prepare for her visit by hitting the gym extra hard the week before and pulling out my fat pants the week of.

Nilda Brooklyn

Here are my thoughts on some of the places we ate at on our latest Seattle eating tour.


Ok let’s be honest, no one is actually going to read this review of Skillet because everyone and their mom is into this place.  I finally got to their brick and motor shop and I can see why there is so much hype. I didn’t really stray too far from what I got at the food cart and just stuck with my favorite fried chicken sandwich, but I am not complaining. That shit is so good (there is no way to fancy or polite this up). The fennel crunch and soft potato roll is the best combo. And of course I am crazy for Kale used in a non-winter hearty soup way.  I say sit at the bar instead of waiting a hundred years outside with everyone else lined up. Also share the desserts, they are huge and no one needs that much pudding to themselves.


I have to give a low 6 (out of 10) to this place. I know this can feel shocking but I stick by this.   My recommendation for here is to go and sit at the bar and order their amazing house made sausage starter. The savory and slightly spicy sausage is served with lentils (my current obsession) and a perfect hardboiled egg. This was my favorite thing of the night and it left me a bit disappointed with everything else. The local organic fare is done well, but it is food that is being done at other places and being done better. I guess my palate is a bit of a hater these days.
Mistral Kitchen :

Mistral Kitchen

To be honest I had not heard of this place before (I know Seattle shame), but I am so happy that Juanita has a smart phone and googled it. It is definitely a place to be treated to dinner, especially by fabulous out of town friends, but the food while pricey is so incredibly good. I was excited by the mix of great NW product with global flavors and techniques. The lamb three ways, including a savory lamb meatball that is spiced with cinnamon, was so rich and soul satisfying. Also order any of the starters that feature Lava Salt, it really is worth it.
My only minor complaint would be that the Pandora setting was a bit off and the music did not fit the space.  It was bizarre to have Hall n Oats mixed with Bjork and both of them playing in the restaurant at all. But that was more of a great conversation starter then a deal breaker. Stay away from the PB &J dessert, but besides that go for everything else with a ravenous appetite.