I hate to confess the awful condition my knives have been in. When the California Culinary Academy on Polk Street moved out of my neighborhood, it also took with it the only knife sharpening business close to me. Razor Sharp Cutlery not only catered to a lot of young aspiring chefs but also to a serious knife collector like myself. My collection of Wusthof knives hangs both impressive and threatening on my kitchen wall.

My knife collection.

The set I’m most fond of was manufactured in the mid 70’s. They are fully forged high carbon steel with all-natural wood handles. They feel great in my hand – the most important detail when you are making a knife purchase.

So I was excited to hear that a new cutlery business opened in my neighborhood. Town Cutler is located on Bush Street near Jones.

Town Cutler

The shop is run by its proprietor Galen Garretson. A ten year San Francisco resident who promises to provide – efficient service and quality products to the Bay Area’s epicurean community. I loved seeing a chalkboard with a list of job opportunities from a selection of local kitchens.

Job opportunities board at Town Cutler.

The shop also offers top-of-the-line artisan knives and cutlery, as well as an assortment of chef tools and kitchen accessories.

The turn around for getting my knives sharpened was less than 24 hours. And, not only did my knives look great but Galen even had a treat for Jack!

I can’t wait to try them out and carve the Rib Eye Roast on Christmas Day!

Town Cutler is located at 1005 Bush Street (at Jones), San Francisco. (415) 359-1519. Monday-Saturday 10:30AM – 6:00PM