Sweet Woodruff

First off I’m not a restaurant reviewer. I just love when people are excited about sharing food – so I’m going to share too.

Sweet Woodruff is from the guys at Sons & Daughters and they have recently opened up a new take away restaurant in my neighborhood. The space used to house the now closed Candy Darling candy shop. I was sad to see this sweet family owned chocolate business fizzle out.  But Teague Moriarty and Matt McNamara have put some much needed light onto the gorgeous corner of Sutter and Jones. The two buildings across the street from Sweet Woodruff are gorgeous San Francisco landmarks – though most of the buildings in this neighborhood are privately owned by the Academy of Art University. The menu is affordable enough for the hordes starving art students that live up and down the surrounding blocks to eat at. And, Mom & dad’s credit cards shouldn’t feel much of a punch. But is what’s on the menu what young students on a budget eat these days? All I know is they should consider.

The open pantry at Sweet Woodruff

With only half a dozen stools and a window ledge to perch on – it doesn’t  feel like they want you want to linger too long. I was excited to see that the small menu was full of interesting things with simple twists on the familiar. Everything here is house made and the open pantry and kitchen serve as a great reminder of how much the chef’s love and care about their food. We didn’t love everything we had – but not in the kind of a way that would stop us from coming back. The staff was so pleasant – it be hard not to make it a favored neighborhood lunch spot.

Little Gems Salad & Suckling Pig Sandwich

And the guys are super easy on the eyes.

Teague Moriarty and Matt McNamara of Sons & Daughters. Photo: The Chronicle