Green Chile and Chicken Stew

6 skin-on chicken thighs
Salt & pepper
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 large onion, finely chopped
5 cloves garlic, chopped
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 cup chopped tomatoes
4 large carrots, peeled and cut
6 roasted, peeled and seeded green Anaheim chilies
1 tablespoon flour
8 cups chicken stock
2 potatoes, cut into 8 pieces each

Roast the chilies over an open flame until charred. Scrape off the skin, discard the seeds and stems – and chop into chunky pieces. Set aside until ready to use.

Season the chicken thighs with salt and pepper. Heat the oil in a large Dutch oven and cook the chicken on both sides until brown. Remove and hold.

Add the onions to the pot and brown them. Then add the garlic, cumin, carrots, tomatoes and the chilies. Spread the flour over the vegetables and stir well.

Add the chicken back to the pot with the chicken stock. Bring to a boil.

Cover the pot and turn the heat to low. Simmer for 1 hour – adding the potatoes after the first 30 minutes. Let the stew rest for half an hour – giving the flavors a chance to fully round out.

Serve with warm tortillas.

Serves 6