Aaron Casey – The Skinny Boy Diet

Aaron Casey

I receive more food updates from Aaron then any other foodie I know. Sometimes I get three or four pictures a day of everything he intends to finish on his plate. Many times these are mass texts, which are meant more to excite than impress. Though, if you were to look at Aaron you would also question where he puts it. The amount of food this boy eats in a day is rather shocking. It’s more than double what I consume in calories.

Food image texts.

Here is what Aaron has to say about his daily consumption.

“Food is the third most important thing in the world to me. The other two things being fashion and fun, or is it air and water? I guess it just depends on the day. Anyway, I never pass up the opportunity to indulge in a fat girl party. The best thing about a FGP is it only takes one person to throw it.
San Francisco weather is a great complement to my eating habits. It’s never too hot to kill my appetite and never too cold to keep me indoors. I try to eat both Mexican and fried foods anywhere from 9 to 14 times a week. The emotional benefits of said foods outweigh any physical detriments. I make sure to drink tons of water, that way everything clears out fast and I’m always ready for my next (big) meal.

Pistachio macaron filled with ganache and raspberries / b. Patisserie

Currently my favorite pastry chef is by Belinda Leong of b. Patisserie, her Kouign Amann is the best thing since Tartine Bakery’s morning bun. My favorite nachos are from El Metate – add al pastor. And my favorite fried chicken is Brenda’s French Soul Food.

I always say when in doubt – add sour cream. And I prefer mayonnaise with my fries then Ketchup. And before I leave the apartment I make sure to pack my bag daily with honey roasted nuts or a bag of 4505 pork rinds.”