Eggs, eggs and more eggs.

There is an art to cooking an egg. And, I’m very particular about how they are prepared. I love softly scrambled eggs with lots of butter and fresh herbs – and a great egg salad sandwich with sliced summer tomatoes. There is an egg chart next to the refrigerator door at Rainbow Grocery that tells you which farmers are selling eggs from chickens with clipped beaks, hormones, trimmed wings, organic feed, outdoor access and many other things your never new about the hen that laid your egg. It’s eye-opening and really makes you appreciate a freshly laid one.

My brother Frank and one of his hens.

My little brother and his partner have a farm up North and have been bringing me a fresh dozen weekly – I’ve boasted about them many times in the past. These chickens are running around willy-nilly eating the things that they were meant to eat. Soon they will be selling their fresh eggs here in the city. They have my stamp of approval and you’ll be able to get information on how to get them through me.

My friend Joe Parenti ranks at the top of my egg loving friends – just one notch below designer Andrea Cammarosano. Joe’s world seems to revolve around them so much so that he recently sent me an egg diary of sorts in attempt to get me to come over his apartment for lunch.

Joe’s Egg Diary

Joe Parenti

I’ve been taking pictures of some of the more scrumptious things I’ve created this week. The first image was a breakfast I made the other day with a fried egg over asparagus covered in hazelnut picada.

The next morning I braised kale for 45 minutes in a parmesan stock that I made earlier in the week. It went over a large piece of toast. A soft cooked egg and a drizzle of Harissa covered the kale perfectly.

Yesterday I stuffed some squash blossoms with ricotta, parmesan, green onion (weird, I know, but I needed to get rid of them), thyme and oregano. I breaded the eggs and fried them in oil. Downey came over from across the hall and we enjoyed them together with some of Cafe Fanny’s granola.

Finally, a late afternoon snack I’m enjoying before heading into work. A raw kale salad tossed in lemon juice, oil and Harissa (I’m on a kick right now). A soft boiled egg on top and toast on the side. My plate is almost empty and I’m savoring each last bite.

Joe can be found at Zuni Cafe trying to convince you to top your entree with a fried egg.