Marke B Eats Out

Marke B

If you want all of San Francisco to know about something you tell Marke B. He is currently the managing editor of the SF Bay Guardian and writes a little weekly nightlife column called Super Ego. In both – he always has something refreshing to say about absolutely everything. I mean – I can’t even begin to count the numerous times he’s mentioned how fabulous I am in a column and every single time manages to find a new and invigorating way to remind you just of it. He’s an accomplished writer and his latest book, Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens (It’s a great read for those that have forgotten what the pressures of being young bring), was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award and was chosen for the 2012 American Library Association Rainbow List. He has also recently published an account of eating his way through the Arab Spring. And, he is hosting the upcoming 2012 San Francisco Nightlife Awards – GEEZ! and I thought I was busy.

Cutie Patootie.

Marke B answers my foodie questionnaire here:

What is your favorite dessert?

A jar of Sanders hot fudge from Detroit, with a large spoon and some privacy. My gorgeous husband’s warm strawberry-rhubarb sauce over Three Twins Madagascar Vanilla. Lately I’ve been living for the sundae at Nojo izikaya in SF: black sesame ice cream, persimmon glaze, and house made peanut brittle. And I’m proud to call Christopher Elbow my personal chocolatier. (Just don’t tell him that.)

What restaurant would you call your home?

I have perversely special relationships with L’Ardoise near Duboce Park (my neighborhood French bistro — best coq au vin in the city), Eiji in the Castro (the house made oboro dofu, cooked in front of you, will cure any bad mood), and La Mar, whose tiny flagship restaurant in Lima, Peru is unforgettable, and not just for the plastic surgery disasters picking at their ceviche while chain-smoking. My best friend Steven Reaume runs Pete’s Cafe in Detroit, one of the best spots in the Midwest, so shouts out.

What is the strangest or most inspiring thing you’ve ever eaten?
Last spring, in the middle of the night, on a tiny back street deep in the heart of Marrakech, I ate half a mashed beef heart sandwich with a small avocado shake. It was the first thing I could keep down after witnessing a terrorist bombing that killed 19 people. It was the most life-affirming meal I’ve ever eaten.

What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?

Frosted Flakes, like me.

What is your favorite food to pig-out on after the club?

I will eat one large bowl of noodles. Any noodles (although I lean toward rigatoni). Plain, with a little hot sauce. In bed. Trying to stay off Facebook.

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