Jim Winters Eats Out

Jim Winters and I have been hanging around the same group of freaks in San Francisco for close to 20 years. I’ve been blessed to be reincarnated, painted, drawn and silk-screened by this most talented friend. The hand-screened vinyl sticker below was the first piece he did of me. They sticker was produced for a benefit I hosted in the mid 90’s. There still is a few of these vintage gems left for sale on my website.

Jim Winters / Juanita Compact

Glamamore and I did a benefit for the now gone organization TARC (Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center) at the Great American Music Hall. When I sat down with Jim to discuss the idea for the poster – I knew from the start I was talking to someone who understood the direction of the event as well as the bold personalities of Glamamore and I. He created to monsters towering over the San Francisco skyline!

TARC Poster / Jim Winters

We’ve most recently collaborated on the artwork for my annual Pride Party. Each year I work with a different artist to create something special. This year he has captured me in the most perfect way. It’s a gorgeous piece of art and captures my love of San Francisco as well as the party.

JM! Pride Party 2012 / Jim Winters

Jim is currently working on an upcoming show at City Hall called “Stretch & Expose”. The show is curated by the San Francisco Arts Commission and will feature about 14 fine art screen printers. He will be showing his San Francisco reduction landscape screen prints. The opening reception is on June 14 and the show runs into September.

Jim Winters answers my foodie questionnaire here:

What is your favorite dessert?
When choosing a dessert, I usually always opt for the chocolate – the fudgier the better..

What restaurant would you call your home?
It’s a toss up between the Anchor Oyster Bar in the Castro and Hisago out on Geary near the Bridge Theater. Both are great in their own ways. Anchor serves what I believe to be the best Cioppino in the city. I also can’t get enough Japanese noodles these days. Hisago is affordable priced and serves the most delicious Japanese comfort food. Plus they have amazing art – posters from vintage action sci-fi/monster TV shows.

What is the strangest or most inspiring thing you’ve ever eaten?
My most inspiring meal occurred in the summer of 1997 when several friends of mine and I were on a European holiday. Four of us ended up in the South of France and just outside of St. Tropez and we found this little cottage that was serving authentic French food. It was a family operation and the father was the cook and his gorgeous teenage daughters served the meal. It was there where I had the best bouillabaisse in my life. Absolutely delicious. I adore fish stews and it was the combination of wonderful friends, being on a fabulous vacation and eating outside on a beautiful summer night that made this meal so memorable.

What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?
Count Chocula!

What is your favorite food to pig-out on after the club?
I love salty, crunchy snacks – potato chips and nuts. Nuts – I am crazy about nuts. I actually have a hard time controlling myself when there are nuts in the house and tend to binge on them. NOT pretty..

Jim Winters