Bishi Eats Out

Indian Queen – Hardern/ Harris 2012

If there was anyone in the world that I would want to stunt double for it would have to be Bishi. She is the true meaning of EVERYTHING. London based singer, songwriter, musician, performance artist & DJ – Bishi covers it all in great style.  We got to hang out in LA last year and fell madly in love with each other. Check out this great piece on Bishi by L’Oumo Vogue.

Bishi is currently ready to release her new album “Albion Voice” which explores themes of Britain ancient and modern, the rich tapestry of East London’s folklore, social politics and cultural mix providing a vivid backdrop to the writing.

Bishi is recognised as one of the most inspiring talents in British music today“  The Sunday Times

What is your favorite dessert?

That would have to be the Strawberry Gateaux at Maison Bertaux, London’s oldest patisserie in the heart of Soho or the Cheesecake on the roof of Shoreditch House people watching.

What restaurant would you call your home?

Bistrotheque in East London. There was a Cabaret Room I sang in for 4 years, doing turns alongside other London luminaries such as Jonny Woo, Ryan Styles & Fabulous Russella. These days, I call a place Great Queen Street home. It’s opposite the Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden. I go there to Kiki with my oldest friend, Patrick Wolf.

What is the strangest or most inspiring thing you’ve ever eaten?

My father took me to a Turkish Night Club in Dalston, London, when I was 7, where we were served sheep’s eyeballs. The club hosts were so warm & generous, I couldn’t refuse. The most inspiring curry I ever ate was in a home made shack off the road in South Delhi, India. They had a makeshift stove & hand painted mural of the Hindu Goddess, Kali. They thought I was a film star & went out of their way to be hospitable. They were SO sweet. The whole meal came to under $3 & I’ve never tasted anything like it.

What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?

A supermarket own brand called, ‘English Breakfast.’ It was some sort of savory concoction that I couldn’t get enough of.

What is your favorite food to pig-out on after the club?

Mini Poppadoms. I should either win the Guinness book of records for eating the most, or get some blanket sponsorship for my commitment to the poppadom. The other thing I love pigging out on is Chocolate Digestives with a cup of Yorkshire Tea.