Ana Matronic Eats Out

BT River of Music at the Americas stage, Tower Bridge, London, Britain - 21 Jul 2012

Ana Matronic and I grew up together in San Francisco doing drag at the now legendary club Trannyshack. She arrives in San Francisco at the end of April to perform a live set at Public Works with new material from her upcoming full-length solo record (releasing later this year), with DJ sets from Ana, Seth Kirby and myself. Plus additional performances by Javier Ninja and Benny Ninja of The House of Ninja. The night will also feature an immersive light installation by Seth Kirby and Brock Monroe of the Joshua Light Show. Ana is best known to audiences as the lone female member of rock group Scissor Sisters (who recently announced the bands indefinite hiatus), they have recorded four critically acclaimed albums, earned three BRIT awards, and played to enthusiastic audiences worldwide. She has also recorded and performed with New Order, Duran Duran, and Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Sharon Needles. Ana toured the world last year chanting the new anthem “Let’s Have A Kiki”…and, we all did!

ANAMATRONIC – Shall We Kiki?

Ana Matronic - Shall We Kiki?

Ana Matronic – Shall We Kiki?

Hosted by Juanita MORE!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Public Works, 161 Erie Street, San Francisco, 94103


$15 advance / $20 at the door

The first 100 people to purchase tickets –
are invited to a private “Meet & Greet” with

Ana and I at Fag Fridays & Trannyshack, Circa 1996

Ana and I at Fag Fridays & Trannyshack, Circa 1996

I asked Ana to answer my foodie questionnaire here.

What is your favorite dessert?

Chocolate Chip Cookies, which would also qualify as my all-time favorite food. Also interested in anything densely chocolate, nutty, or salted caramel. I like the kind of dessert that makes you feel winded and have to clutch your side. And then fetch me a coffee and a cognac and a car home, in that order.

What restaurant would you call your home?

Moto in Brooklyn. It opened right before my husband Seth and I started dating and it’s been our favorite ever since. In SF, it’s Dottie’s. Oh, Dottie’s.

What is the strangest or most inspiring thing you’ve ever eaten?

At a gig I did with the Joshua Light Show last year I ate some food that changed flavor as you ate it – “performance” food, if you will – that was really strange, and not exactly tasty, but I appreciated the concept. I also tried Shirako in Japan, which is basically fish sperm & genitalia. Let’s just say that was not to my taste. But you know, when in Rome…

What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?

We weren’t allowed to have sugary cereal in the house, but we did have CW Post granola. And Carnation Breakfast Bars, which I could eat a box at a time. I’m sure you’re pondering my mother’s logic while reading this, as I am while typing it.

What is your favorite food to pig-out on after the club?


Jordan L' Moore, Scooter, Juanita, Ana &Portia. Folsom St. Fair, Circa 1997

Jordan L’ Moore, Scooter, Juanita, Ana &Portia. Folsom St. Fair, Circa 1997