Fauxinque Eats Out

Image by Michelle Biloux

Image by Michelle Biloux

I got to chat with my multifaceted artist and friend Monique Jenkinson aka Fauxnique. One of San Francisco’s premiere dance, theater, drag and performance artist. We’ve known each other for close to fifteen years. She has always been a diehard alternative art fan – faithfully following the local drag community via Trannyshack in the early 90’s. She eventually made history winning the title of Miss Trannyshack in 2003 – and this queen is a biological woman. I’d like to think I had some part of that – if not only inspiring her to continue her path of artistic endeavors.

Image by Juanita MORE!

Image by Juanita MORE! 2003

Her is what she has to say about her upcoming INSTRUMENT performance at CounterPULSE.
“For the last few months I have been at work on a brand new project, Instrument,  a solo performance created in an experimental process with three choreographers: Chris Black, Miguel Gutierrez and Amy Seiwert. Instigated by discussions with curators at the de Young Museum during my fellowship there, especially about their current exhibition Rudolph Nureyev: a Life in Dance, I invited the three choreographers to create movement on my body that I shaped into the final piece. The work looks at the performing artist’s slippery relationship to authorship and authority; and at dancing as an act of translation and creation. It has been a thrill to put my work in the hands of these incredibly talented artists. Our studio process has been incredibly rich and crazily fun.”

1310 Mission Street @ 9th, SFCA 94103
November 8th & 9th

But we are taking about food here and for a woman who still wears the same dress size as her grandmother is a foodie with a lot of style. It’s quite a vision to see her ride her bike around San Francisco – dressed to the nines and peddling away with a pair of gorgeous pumps. To die for! Fauxnique answers my food questionnaire here:

What is your favorite dessert?

I will eat any dessert you put in front of me, especially if it is homemade. My multi-talented lighting designer Tiffani just brought divine homemade mocha pecan cake with perfect buttercream to rehearsal, and it made my day. But I LOVE pies and crumbles – a la mode sil vous plait. My mom used to make a stellar peach cobbler from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook that I still make in summer. I add berries. Perfect. I always look forward to Thanksgiving – for the pie!

What restaurant would you call home?

Boogaloos on Valencia. It’s around the corner from home and Marc & I go there whenever we are out of breakfast foods. We’re breakfast people. We also love Chow. I ALWAYS run into family there. I wish I had the means to call Zuni & Da Flora home.

What is the strangest or most inspiring thing you’ve ever eaten?

The most inspiring was when I first ate at Cafe Jacqueline, which is now my favorite. It is a tiny place run by one very particular French lady and a skeleton crew. They only do soufflé, and Jacqueline makes all of it and makes it perfectly. When you walk through the kitchen there is the most beautiful giant bowl of eggs you’ve ever seen, with one Russian painted egg sitting at the top. I never thought I liked soufflé until we went there. Now I crave it. And it’s even better with champagne.

I was inspired recently in Italy over this past summer when I went to a place called Dalla Marisa in Venice. It’s a little like Chez Panisse – you eat what they put in front of you. I went on a Friday, on which many Italians still observe the Catholic seafood-only tradition. It was some of the best food I’ve ever had, but I can’t tell you exactly what I ate. There I was outside, on the water, a lady alone in the most romantic city in the world practically licking my plate. Had that classic moment after taking my bread and sopping up the last of the third plate of what I didn’t realize was the appetizer, when the adorable server is like: ‘Um, you know you have two more courses coming, don’t you?’.

Strangest thing hands down was the traditional Icelandic feast I shared with Heklina, Putanesca & Princess Kennedy when we where in Reykjavik. Pickled sheep testicles anyone? How about putrefied shark meat? Mmmmmm. Viking resourcefulness!

What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?

Cream of Wheat. Still love it. I only got sugary cereals on special occasions at my Nana’s house. She always had the little individual boxes around. I loved pouring milk directly into the wax paper bag of Fruit Loops and eating it out of the box.

What is your favorite food to pig out on after the club?

Crepe Truck!

Monique assisting me with my performance of "The Clapping Song" at our mutual friends wedding in upstate NY.

Monique assisting me with my performance of “The Clapping Song” at our mutual friends wedding in upstate NY.