Sean Lackey

Sean Lackey

SF foodie and chef Sean Lackey describes what’s in his fridge:

“The freezer door is filled with wild salmon from my roommates brother (he’s a fisherman in Oregon, ice cream and random fats, bone marrow butter, schmaltz and I’m saving up pig brains to make this cheese and brain fritter recipe. And there is a stack of meats- brined chops, quail , stuffed and not, venison, elk and wild boar from buds custom meats.

Sean's freezer

Sean’s freezer

The fridge has a bunch of my roommates shit. A giant bag of duck carcasses I need to roast off to make stock! Vats of cider that I slowed down the fermentation on, random pickles (Thai hot chili with sour leaf) and some candied grapefruit peel.  And lots of veggies!”

Sean's fridge

Sean’s fridge