My name is Juanita MORE! and I have been performing, DJing, and mothering in San Francisco for two and a half decades. Within my close circle of friends – it is my skills in the kitchen that impress most. I always strive to have a well-stocked kitchen. And, I grocery shop almost every single day. Sometimes planning the menu as I go – or sometimes hitting the ground hard for that special something that will help complete my pre-planned menu. I love shopping at local farmers markets, specialty kitchenware shops, bakeries, and lunching at my favorite restaurants along the way.

I really enjoy cooking an intimate dinner for two.  I love to make you feel like you were the only person in the entire world that I ever put so much love into dinner for. But, big dinner parties happen often at my place with lots of food and plenty of booze. And all done with matching linens, glassware and served on my ever-growing collection of Heath Ceramic’s tableware. People consider my cutlery wall both ominous and impressive. And, my kitchen drawers are grossly overstuffed with romantic floral patterned linens. I’ve known for a long time that my favorite way to tell someone that I love them – is to cook for them. This blog is about the food that passes through my life.

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As a DJ and party personality, I continue to reach out to the next generation of queer youth with club nights across the country, including my weekly party Floor 21  at the iconic Starlight Room in the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. In addition you can find me monthly at Powerblouse and BEATPIG at San Francisco’s notorious Powerhouse. My annual Pride Party is widely known as simply “the best party of the year,” and has raised over $100,000 for various local non-profit organizations serving the LGBT community which happens every June.