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peppermintI just got the chance to chat with Miss Peppermint about eating in and eating out! She is best known as a runner-up on the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the actress and singer will be making her Broadway debut as part of The Go-Go’s inspired musical Head Over Heels. The show previews here in San Francisco at the Curran Theatre starting tonight before making its way to New York where Peppermint will be the first trans woman to originate a principal role on Broadway.

I’m hosting a reception for the musical on Wednesday, April 11th, where drink proceeds from a “Miss Peppermint” inspired cocktail will go to TRUTH (TRans yoUTH), a joint program between Transgender Law Center and GSA Network. The program seeks to amplify the voices of trans and gender non-conforming young people by offering a safe place to share struggles, learn empathy, and build public understanding. Please join us!

Head Over Heels

Miss Peppermint Eats Out

What is your favorite dessert?
Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

What restaurant would you call your home?
The City Diner on 91st and Broadway in New York City.

What is the strangest or most inspiring thing you’ve ever eaten?
Vegan crawfish made of burdock root!

What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?
Fruity Pebbles

What is your favorite food to pig-out on after the club?
Any type of breakfast food

What is your favorite cocktail?
My favorite cocktails are Midori sours but I don’t drink them LOL

Curran partners with Humphry Slocombe to create “We Got The Beet,” a limited edition ice cream flavor celebrating the pre-Broadway engagement of Head Over Heels.“We Got the Beet” incorporates homemade raspberry jam and hand-squeezed lime juice to create a flavor that is light and fruity. The creamy pink creation made with Straus Family Farm Organic dairy carries a sweetness from the beets, highlighting the all natural ingredients in the handmade ice cream. Flavor available during the month of April at all Humphry Slocombe Bay Area locations.



Chef Cory Armenta at Booty Call Wednesdays

Chef Cory Armenta at Booty Call Wednesdays

Cory Armenta Eats Out

There is no better friendship in the world then one that allows you to sit down to a dinner with a friend and completely rip the food apart trying to figure out how to make it better. That is exactly what Cory and I do best – besides inspire each other in the kitchen.

Cory is currently the executive chef at Castro Districts family-style Mexican restaurant, HECHO. The food has taken a huge turn since he’s been on board. One that has prompted me to stop by at least once a week for his chili verde. He is also the Organizer and Head Chef or the non-profit Mama G’s Thanksgiving Street Dinner founded in 2009 – which is serving food and hope to the Tenderloin neighborhood over the holiday.

This winter I will join Cory and the team at HECHO  to create a pop-up Tamale Night celebrating recipes I grew up cooking with my family.

Cory and I at Cleve Jones 60th Birthday Bash.

Cory and I at Cleve Jones 60th Birthday Bash.

Cory answers my foodie questionnaire here:

What is your favorite dessert?

I don’t even know where to start. If we’re talking right now during fall season, I’d have to say an apple Tarte Tatin with  vanilla ice cream. Frankly, whatever fruit is in season, throw a great pie crust on it, and I’m sold.  Usually, dessert for me is bourbon and a cigarette.

What restaurant would you call your home?

Obviously I am at Hecho the majority of the time, constantly creating new dishes. When I do go out for a meal, it’s Kokkari. They get me. Everyone should love and know Kokkari.

What is the strangest or most inspiring thing you’ve ever eaten?

When I was in culinary school, my classmate/friend was working at Kyo-Ya at The Palace Hotel. I went in for dinner, and was treated to Geoduck clam sashimi…still twitching. That would be the strangest. As for most inspiring, I am constantly inspired by everyone and everything. The simplest meal at a friends home can send my mind racing about what I want to do the minute I get to the kitchen the next day.

What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?

I have two. Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Because duh. Grape Nuts. Because it hurt my jaw to chew it and I believed that’s what being a grown up must feel like. Yeah. I liked that it hurt.

What is your favorite food to pig-out on after the club?

I don’t eat after the club. My favorite thing is getting a text from you with a picture of SPAM and fried eggs. The next morning, however…its on.

Cory in the kitchen at HECHO

Cory in the kitchen at HECHO

I’m thrilled to host a Dinner Party with Kitchit that will support Y.E.S. (Youth Empowerment Summit) the beneficiary of my annual Pride Party (see last years event). There is nothing I love more than cooking and feeding friends! It will be a night of marvelous surprises paired with exceptional food! This will be a night of wild wining, delicious dining, and spellbinding socializing.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.40.38 PM

Pride Dinner Party with Kitchit & Juanita MORE!
Tomatillo and Chipotle Salsa with Homemade Tortilla Chips
Spicy Carrot Canapé
Garden Vegetable Salad
Slow Roasted Pork with Salsa Verde and Ricotta Toast
Summer Galette with fresh whipped cream

Todd Barket

Todd Barkett is always smiling. And, its an endearing one. He opened Unionmade in November of 2009 in a pre-1906 earthquake Victorian storefront at 493 Sanchez Street, situated on the border of San Francisco’s Mission and Castro districts. Voted one of the country’s 10 best independent mens stores by GQ Magazine and San Francisco’s best mens store by SF Weekly, Unionmade is known for our outstanding selection of men’s casual and fine clothing, shoes, new and vintage books, and men’s grooming products.

Todd is a great friend and has been a big supporter of my annual Pride Event. His shop is an inspiration in its devotion to showcasing American made goods. If  you’ve seen my kitchen you know that I have no room for another cookbook – but seem to walk out of the store with not one but two more every time I visit. This fall I got to further my modeling career by modeling for their second annual Unionmade Indigo Collection campaign.

Unionmade Indigo Collection

What is your favorite dessert?

Vanilla Ice cream with olive oil and sea salt.  So simple and so tasty.

What restaurant would you call your home?

Bar Tartine.  I love the updates with all of the wood and pottery and the menu is crazy!

What is the strangest or most inspiring thing you’ve ever eaten?

Japanese bean curd candy in Tokyo.  The colors and shapes were amazing.

What was your favorite breakfast cereal as a kid?

Rice Krispies

What is your favorite food to pig-out on after the club?

Good bread with cheese.

Todd and I at Pride.

I’ve stopped frying chicken at home. For a while all everyone wanted for dinner was fried chicken. I love fried chicken. Every time I see it on a menu I order it. But, I like to spend time with my guests at home. And, frying chicken doesn’t really allow that. So, some years back I shared my recipe with the local San Francisco bar and restaurant Mars Bar. Together with the owner Jenny Kiely we put together a fun meal that pleases all those that have had or heard of my legendary Fried Chicken with Honey Goo.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 the STOP AIDS Projects Annual event Dining Out For Life takes place. We’ve been a part of the event for the past few years with the Funky Chicken Dinner.

Jenny Kiely & Juanita MORE! – Funky Chicken Dinner / Dining Out For Life
Mars Bar & Restaurant
798 Brannan Street @ 7th SF CA

Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 – 9 PM
DJ’s Brown Amy & Carnita “of” Hard French
Hosted by Jenny Kiely of Mars Bar Miss Juanita MORE! Juanita plans the menu, serving her famous Fried Chicken w/ Honey Goo and Black Jet Bakery supplies dessert. The MOREboys take your order, Hard French DJ’s Brown Amy & Carnita spin old soul classics for Funky Chicken Dinner On Mars.

Online reservations only. Please email us your preferred dining time
and number of guests at:

Don’t forget to leave us your email address and phone number. We will
get back to you soon!

25 percent of your food bill will benefit the fight against HIV/AIDS

Thank you in advance for being courteous of your dining time as we would like to donate as much money as possible to the STOP AIDS Project.