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Chef Jeremiah Towers and then San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan and my big titties at Stars Restaurant in San Francisco, 1995. Frank loved it. And, Jeremiah just blushed.

Someday when I travel to Arkansas this will be the first place I stop to eat. The prestigious James Beard Award of America’s Classics went to Jones Bar-B-Q in Arkansas. James Jones is both owner and pitmaster, a one-man whirlwind in a tiny two-table restaurant. Jones Barbecue diner dates back to at least 1910 and it may be the oldest black family-owned restaurant in the south. James Jones says, “The way it’s going for some reason it’s not gonna last long.”

Pulled pork sandwich on Wonder Bread

Juanita MORE! is no stranger to good eating, and she’s well known among performers and party boys in San Francisco for hosting lavish dinner parties with great food. She’s often traveling between here, New York, and L.A. DJing and hosting parties, but last week she stayed around town and submits her San Francisco Diet for us this week. It should be noted, if all the food-snobbish stereotypes about San Francisco are ever in doubt, that even our drag queens drink Four Barrel coffee with organic Straus half-and-half and have lunch at Zuni on the regular.